Actor Samir Soni is embarrassed about celebrating birthdays. The actor said in an interview that while growing up he didn’t get to celebrate many birthdays and now he is too old to celebrate birthdays. “I am embarrassed on birthdays. I even switch my phone off,” says Samir Soni, who turns 53 today. The birthday boy says growing up “we didn’t celebrate too much”. “Now, I am older and if you are turning 18, then one can be excited,” the actor said.

Samir said that he would rather have a quiet dinner with just his family. The actor had four major releases this year, Mumbai Saga, The Big Bull, State of Siege: Temple Attack and Chehre and two web shows Punch Beat and Cartel. The actor said that he is enjoying this constant, non-stop working schedules. He said he feels grateful that now the audience is seeing him in a different light.

“I recently shot for Saurabh Shukla’s directorial and a Vikram Bhatt series with Sunny Leone. Cartel, too, got a great response and people loved my negative role. Earlier people saw a nice-looking guy and cast me in older brother, young husband, or rich tycoon roles. I got typecast. Now that I am older, I am getting mature and have negative roles. Now, the focus is not on my looks but on my acting. Negative roles are fun as there are no boundaries,” the actor said.

Soni is also looking forward to the launch of his book. He revealed that his book is not a memoir of his experiences. Rather it is a book about how an introvert survived an extrovert world. He said that his book also consists of parts of his personal diary. “I have been questioning what is right and wrongs. Why do we emphasize being rich or famous? I discuss conditioning and basic values, especially now that there are many mental health issues,” the actor said.

He also stressed the fact that how it has become a trend to look a certain way in order to be validated. He confessed that he asked his publishers not to put his face on the cover of his book.

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