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  • Military Intelligence of J&K and Mumbai’s Crime branch together conducted an Operation
  • They busted the biggest spy network of Pakistan
  • Chinese sim boxes, laptops, modem, connectors, etc were recovered by the team
  • Hostile intelligence was seeking information about Ladhak

Mumbai: Together Military Intelligence of Jammu and Kashmir, and Mumbai’s Crime branch busted the biggest spy network of Pakistan. The network was seeking together information about Indian Defence in Ladhak through illegal Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) exchange, in Mumbai. The probe is underway to ascertain identities of individuals while one has been arrested in Mumbai. 

From the Spot three Chinese sim boxes, one standby sim box along with 191 sim cards, batteries, antennas, modem, laptops and connectors have been recovered by the team. The lead for spy network operating using VoIP came in May when suspicious calls are being received by Defense persons seeking information about Ladhak and defence installations. As the caller used fake identities, agency suspected the involvement of Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. Based on information both crime branch and Military Intelligence conducted the joint operation. However, on Thursday the boxes were busted in a police raid. The sim boxes used dynamic IMEI system due to which there was difficulty in tracking. 

Investigation revealed that busted exchange has resulted in severe loss in crores to the country’s telecom department. The exchanges being used by hostile intelligence agencies together military information via call is a severe threat to the nation’s security.

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