• Over Trump`s role in the attack in the Capitol last week, the US House of Representatives is in preparation to impeach Trump.
  • The impeachment process is expected to be joined by Donald Trump`s Republican Party members besides the Democrats.
  • The vote for impeachment is likely to pass since Democrats hold the maximum position in Congress.
  • If impeached Trump will be the first President in the U.S to be impeached twice.

Currently, the House of Representatives is preparing the vote of impeachment against President Donald Trump over the last week’s pro-Trump violation in the Capitol. The incident witnessed the death of five people, and Democrats blame for the atrocities. Reportedly, ministers of Republicans will be joining the Democrats to vote for the impeachment of Trump.

It is possible that the vote for impeachment will be passed since the number of Democrats dominate the House. In that scenario, the case will be assigned to the Senate, where at least 17 Republicans would be required to vote in favor of the Impeachment.

The time required for the Senate to pass the order is not yet estimated but it will surely not be completed within January 20, when Biden will officially take over the Presidential office. The Senate though has the power to block Mr. Donald Trump forever from contesting for the Presidential position, thus shattering his indication to fight in the 2024 election.

The Democratic chairman, Jim McGovern informed that the house is witnessing the vote of impeachment due to ‘an actual crime scene’, and he blamed Donal Trump for inciting the violence in the mob. The House Leadership has decided to send the impeachment article to Senate as soon as it is passed at the House.  The House Majority leader Steny Hoyer has spoken about the atrocious crime that took place last week, and he stated “There are consequences to actions, and actions of President of the US demand urgent, clear action by the Congress of the United States.”

The Republicans have put their views upfront as well. Tom Cole voiced against the robust process of impeachment which a modern democracy should not allow. Republican Rep. Nancy Mace acknowledged President Trump’s contribution to the Capitol attack but stood back from supporting the impeachment calling it a ‘rush’ decision

Currently, the House is voting on the rule of Impeachment and dozens of Republican has voted against the rule, and reportedly the Republicans are mostly voting through the proxy. As Liz Cheney, one of the Republicans who voted for the impeachment, Trump’s closest ally Jim Jordan demanded his removal from the House of Republicans. The amendment of rule for debate on the impeachment proposed by Republicans failed to pass and the House is continuing to vote for the rule itself.


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