On Wednesday, in a roadshow held at Singur, Union Minister Amit Shah assured of industrialization and job opportunities in the state of West Bengal once BJP is in power. The roadshow was held three days after PM Narendra Modi’s rally in the town where he alleged Mamata Banerjee as an “obstructionist mindset” who deprived West Bengal of industrialization and jobs.

Shah was welcomed with cheers from the crowds as he stood atop a decorated colorful vehicle accompanying Ex-TMC leader, Rabindranath Bhattacharya, the BJP candidate from Singur.

The BJP leader asserted that Singur which has been rejected from industries since its 2006 agitation will have industrialization by the upcoming BJP govt in Bengal. He added that in its Sankalp Patra the area’s development is not limited only by setting up of industries but also to provide an intervention fund of Rs 500 crore for potatoes, as the area is known for it.

Shah ensured that after the victory of BJP in Singur, the BJP-led govt would set up small, medium, and large industries besides the national Highway in Singur, connecting it to Kolkata and New Delhi. He added that the BJP government would pursue politics of development, dialogue, and cooperation.

The Union Minister said that it was too late for TMC supremo, Mamata Banerjee to pray Hindu Gods and Goddess and recite the Chandi Path (hymns to Goddess Durga) at public meetings. Mamata Banerjee has been regularly seen chanting hymns and asserting her Hindu identity as she has been often accused by PM Modi and other BJP leaders of her minority appeasement.

He further asserted that BJP would win Bengal elections with more than 200 seats out of 294 seats. The roadshow wandered for nearly an hour from Dulepara more to Singur Police station with BJP flags and green and saffron balloons spread in the route of it.

As the procession crawled through the streets, ‘Jai Shri Ram’ chants with slogans demanding industrialization and jobs were heard. Bhattacharya is a four-time TMC MLA from Singur. He waved at the crowd standing alongside Shah wearing a saffron-colored turban. His introduction to the party has caused a lot of resentment among BJP old-timers in Singur.


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