• Sri Lanka refrained from risking the relationship with India thus canceled Imran Khan`s parliamentary speech.
  • Sri Lanka considers the relation with India very significant as it saved Sri Lanka from the Chinese debt- trap and supplied the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Sri Lankan Government also wants to avoid Imran Khan`s Islamic Card as differences between Buddhists and Muslims have surged in the country.
  • Dar Javed stated that giving Imran Khan a platform is playing with the sentiments of Buddhists.

Colombo Gazette published a report with the title, ‘Sri Lanka avoids clash with India by canceling Imran Khan’s Parliament speech. Dar Javed informed that Imran Khan`s upcoming speech in Sri Lankan Parliament is called off by the government to prevent risking the relationship with India.

Indian Government has acted as the savior to Sri Lanka from the Chinese debt- trap and also supplied five lakh doses of Covieshield, thus, Sri Lankan Government does not want to damage the bilateral relation.

Moreover, Sri Lanka has witnessed a surge in the difference between Buddhists and Muslims in the country regarding animal cruelty and sacrifice in the mosque. In such a situation, calling Imran Khan for a speech will be damaging as he will play his Islamic Card as he played in Afghanistan.

The report noted that Imran Khan’s speech might result in horrendous Buddhist Sentiments and put the reputation of the Rajapaksa Government at the international level at risk. The decision was also taken following the immoral treatment of minorities in Pakistan and the demolition of Buddhist Stupas in Pakistan.


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