Story Of ‘Self-Devotion’: An Ultimate Offering To The Almighty

Abstract: You can donate anything, you can distribute anything but take this task as your social responsibility, not to please the Almighty. God simply needs your complete self-devotion


One day a boy was going to a temple. On the way, he saw a person carrying a bag cautiously.
The boy asked, “What is in your bag?”
The man replied, “Money which I want to donate to the temple wherefrom the same will be distributed to poor persons. The almighty will be pleased.”

After a few minutes, the boy reached the temple where he saw another man who was sitting there with a bag.
The boy inquired, “What is in your bag? “
The second person replied, “Books of spiritual knowledge which I myself have published at my expenses and I want to distribute those at free of cost among Public. The almighty will be pleased.”

After the completion of Puja, the boy was returning home. On the way, he saw a third man who was going towards the temple. He was carrying flowers.
He told the third person, “Puja is going to be over. So hurry up. “
“Thanks”, He replied.
The boy told gladly to the third man, “Today huge donations have been deposited to the temple”.
The third person smiled, “I am also going to the temple to donate something”.
“If you do not mind may I come to know what you are going to donate ?”, asked the boy curiously.
“Myself”, The third person replied.
The boy got surprised and asked “How it is possible? “
The third person laughed and said, ” Only it is possible because nothing belongs to us. What we are carrying today may belong to some others tomorrow. We have earned money from this world but we can enjoy the taste and flavor of money for a specific period of time. If time is over then it will go to someone else. So the thing which does not belong to me permanently how I can donate it to God?

True spiritual knowledge can not be taught by giving books only. It is to be felt by identifying ourselves and applying self inner strengths. A proud man always says that he distributes knowledge but a truly knowledgeable person says that he is a learner and he can only share his learnings, knowledge, and experience and show the direction. All experiences can not be gained in one birth. So how we can distribute knowledge. It will be too tough. So I am simply carrying myself and left everything behind.

The boy then asked, “What we can do to devote ourselves, and how?” The man explained further, “We can devote our soul which does not belong to our body permanently but is a part of Paramatma i.e God who can accept it and we can give it. Just we need to say that all is yours because we are your part.”


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