On Friday, Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar said that if people continue to violate covid-19 guidelines then stricter restrictions will be imposed in the state.

In Maharashtra, the total number of new coronavirus cases recorded is 63,729, death toll of 398, recovery rate counts 45,335 and an active number of cases is 6,38,034. The total number of cases to date recorded is 37,03,584.

The country records more than 2 lakh coronavirus infections for the second consecutive day while in the last 24 hours the number of 1,185 people dying of Covid led to the country’s death toll to 1,74,308. The total number of active cases in India is 1.57 million.

According to the Bloomberg tally, the spread of coronavirus disease surged in the world to more than 138.6 million cases, while the death toll is 3 million.


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