PM Modi on Wednesday hosted ‘Pariksha pe charcha’ virtually where he interacted with some students, parents, and teachers from around the country and addressed some of the most pressing questions asked by the students.

The charcha began with him addressing the question of how students should deal with the stress as their exam approaches. He said that the stress is nothing but a result of the peer pressure created around us, which forces to think that it is the end of everything. He advocated that marks are not everything and will not decide one’s future.

Suggesting all the parents and teachers about a balanced environment, Modi asked to create positivity around their kids. He told them to be prepared in advance and that this isn’t the end of life. He further opined students to not run away from the difficult or less interesting subjects as one cannot be perfect in everything. He put forward his own example of taking more challenging tasks that makes him feel fresh.

The PM emphasized the need for parents to be emotionally involved with their children and help them develop their weaknesses as well as strengths. He also stressed that the students need not run away from the subjects that seem difficult to them besides honing their skills. He mentioned the need of helping our families during our free time and advised children to use it to develop their skills.

He emphasized the need for parents to instill a sense of helpfulness in children from a young age and motivate them to achieve their dreams. He asked the parents to keep up with the emerging thought processes of children and engage with them on an emotional level. He even advised them to not set unrealistic expectations from their kids and help them develop into their best selves.

He concluded the charcha with the advice that students should not focus on merely memorizing what is being taught to them, but should use their visualization to grasp the core concept of it. This will help them understand the information rather than just retain it.


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