Today, the newly formed Taliban government of Afghanistan has named Mohammad Suhail Shaheen as its new representative in the United Nations. Shaheen has been the former spokesperson from the side of the insurgents while peace negotiations were going on in Qatar.

The post was earlier chaired by Ghulam Isaczai, however, in light of the removal of Ashraf Ghani the former president of Afghanistan from his designation the Taliban has set off to claim changes within the administrative body.

On September 15, Antonio Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations received a message from the former Afghan representative Ghulam Isaczai which contained a list of delegates scheduled to participate in the 76th annual session of the UN assembly.

On 20th September, he again received a missive containing the letterhead “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. The missive was signed by Ameer Khan Muttaqi the new chair holder as the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” and solicited for participation in the assembly of world leaders to be held by the UN.

It was in this new message that the Taliban claimed Muhammad Suhail Shaheen to be their new UN representative as they no longer recognized Ghulam Isaczai as the stakeholder of the post after the dismissal of Ashraf Gani from his chair.

According to the experts, the new move by the Taliban can give shape to the conflict between the “former” UN representative of Afghanistan and the new name put forward by the group.

The acquisition of Kabul on August 15 has created a hubbub within the nations. Not all countries have given any recognition to the newly formed government yet. The UN encounters a crucial question here on the legitimacy of providing the Taliban with a platform for the expression of their views.


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