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  • The president of Taiwan has given her statement during the national day celebrations at Taipei.
  • She has offered to come to communicative terms with China on the basis of uniformity but has been refused by the Chinese government, who identifies her as a separatist.
  • Tsai seeks to modernise the defence of her country and also plans for Taiwan to have its own submarines

On Sunday, president Tsai Ing-wen has retorted to Beijing by stating that Taiwan will continue to maintain its defences in order to make sure that it is not forced to accept the path propagated by China, offering no freedom or democracy. Tsai’s statement came during the national day celebrations at Taipei. Taiwan has been claimed to be a territory of China, after which severe military and political pressure has been imposed on the country by Beijing. Repeated Chinese air force missions were also launched by the country, in the defence identification zone of Taiwan.

Saturday, Xi Jingping, the president of China, has affirmed to come to a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan and has avoided directly mentioning any usage of force. However, Taipei has still maintained a harsh position on the Chinese president as it stated that Taiwan’s future will only be decided only by its people. The president of Taiwan, while addressing the national day rally, has stated that she hoped to eliminate tensions across the Taiwan Strait. Tsai has further said that Taiwan will refrain itself from acting rashly.

But she has also said that “there should be absolutely no illusions that the Taiwanese people will bow to pressure.” The president has added, “we will continue to bolster our national defence and demonstrate our determination to defend ourselves in order to ensure that nobody can force Taiwan to take the path China has laid out for us.”

Tsai has offered to communicate with China on the basis of uniformity, but has faced a refusal from Beijing, who refuses to come to communicative terms with her. The Chinese government has accused the Taiwanese president of being a separatist, who does not acknowledge Taiwan to be a part of the country. According to Tsai, the situation of Taiwan is “more complex and fluid than at any other point in the past 72 years.”

The national security of Taiwan has been heavily affected due to the routine presence of the Chinese military in the air defence zone of the country. Tsai Ing-wen seeks to modernise the defence of her country and also plans for Taiwan to have its own submarines. She believes that the country maintains a frontal position in terms of defending democracy. The president says, “the more we achieve, the greater the pressure we face from China. So I want to remind all my fellow citizens that we do not have the privilege of letting down our guard.”


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