The Taliban-appointed chancellor of Kabul University has restricted women from attending classes or work. According to the rule, Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat will be in place until an Islamic environment is created.

Taking to Twitter, Ghairat confirmed that as long as a real Islamic environment is not provided for all, women will not be allowed to come to universities or work. Data revealed that nearly 70 members of the university’s teaching staff have resigned after the Taliban sacked Ph.D. holder Vice-Chancellor Muhammad Osman Baburi and replaced him with Muhammad Ashraf Ghairat. Several protests took place on social media platforms when Ghairat was appointed as VC in the biggest university in Kabul. Critics have also highlighted a tweet by Ghairat last year in which he justified the killing of journalists.

The university was named after former Afghanistan president Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was killed in a suicide attack in 2009. However, the Taliban changed it to Kabul Education University. Citing the reason, Afghanistan’s ministry of higher education said universities are intellectual assets and should not be named after political or ethnic leaders.

Ever since the takeover of the Taliban, the insurgent group has issued several diktats, most of them about confining the movements of women. The decisions of the Taliban are raising concern among the international communities which fear the future of women.


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