• · The statement was given by Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid during an interview
  • · The Taliban’s reaction came a week ahead of NATO chief Jeans Stoltenberg asking his allies to remain observant about the surging situation of the country
  • · The spokesperson stated that the Taliban government will not allow world powers to exploit the country as a hub for proxy wars

On Tuesday, Taliban chief Zabihullah Mujahid, in an interview, conveyed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), that the time for displaying power was over and the organization needs to deal with the outfit diplomatically now. Zabihullah has said, “The NATO Secretary-General, for a while, may feel his pain and talk about their failures, but they should know that the time for attacks is over; it was proven twenty years ago that these actions did not work and should be dealt with through diplomacy.”

Mujahid’s statement came after NATO chief Jeans Stoltenberg asked his allies last week to remain observant about the surging situation of the country and ‘be ready to strike and monitor closely any attempts to reconstitute international terrorist groups in Afghanistan aiming at us.’

Zabihullah in the interview has further said that the Taliban will not allow the world powers to use the country as a hub for proxy wars. Speaking of the economic crisis in the country, the spokesperson said that the government is maintaining communicative relationships with other regional countries such as Uzbekistan in order to receive support in various sectors, including trade.

When asked about Pakistan’s interference in the interview, the spokesperson stated, “I have to say 100 percent that we do not want anyone to interfere, including Pakistan. We are an independent country. We do not accept these interventions. Pakistan is a separate country. We do not want to interfere in their affairs and they cannot interfere (in Afghanistan’s affairs).”

Other issues were raised during the interview by the Taliban mouthpiece, which included women’s rights issues. According to him, the Taliban government will consider giving women the right to education and work, but they need to consult with Islamic scholars before proceeding. The issue was shared by the Islamic Ulema with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


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