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  • · The child was killed as his father was suspected to be a member of the Afghan resistance forces
  • · Massive reports of Taliban-led brutality arriving from Panjshir
  • · The fundamentalist organization strives to impose stricter notions of their interpretations of the Sharia throughout the country

In Takhar province of Afghanistan, a child was executed by the Taliban suspecting that his father was a part of the Afghan resistance forces. Sources said, “Child executed in Takhar province by Taliban fighters after his father is suspected of being in the Resistance .”

The execution of the child adds up to the brutality advertised by the organization within the country, after coming to power. The Taliban, after acquiring power on August 15 assured that they would refrain themselves from any kind of revenge attacks, but Panjshir suffices to break this pledge with any civilian trying to escape getting shot. According to sources, various associates of the resistance force and the previous government are being killed as revenge.

According to the statement given by a local to a US media outfit, “they take our mobiles and check them. If they find a suspicious photo, they kill that person.” Barbers, on Monday, were ordered not to trim or shave any beard by the Taliban, as the act goes against the laws of the Sharia. In the previous week, four bodies of alleged kidnappers were put on display to the public by the fundamentalist organization.

Imposition of laws based on their interpretation of the Sharia has not been something exclusively new for the Taliban as they have done so in their last regime as well. The previous regime of the organization which lasted from 1996-2001, has witnessed some of the most brutal execution and massive curbs of the international laws of human rights as well.


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