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Afghanistan’s Central Bank has received over 12.3 million dollars in cash from Taliban Leaders who have extracted this money in cash and gold bars from the residents of homes of former government officials, including ex-vice president Amrullah Saleh.

“The money recovered came from high-ranking officials in the previous government… and a number of national security agencies who kept cash and gold in their homes,” a statement said.

Due to capital crunch, the US has frozen about 9.5 billion US dollars in assets belonging to Afghanistan’s Central bank and stopped shipments of cash to Kabul, to stop the Taliban government from any further financial access.

After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the International Monetary Fund and the World bank halted their financial assistance to the war-torn nation that previously depended highly on the inflow of Foreign Funds. Reports suggest that despite immense efforts from the United Nations, Afghanistan’s economy is near collapse even after food and essential supplies are sent to the country.


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