• Dr. S Jaishankar highlighted India’s significant role in promoting global protection of Human rights.
  • In the council, he spoke about the inclusion of human rights in the Constitution.
  • India has decided to increase its vaccine manufacturing so that it is available to all nations. 

Today, EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar attended the 46th meeting of the Human Rights Council. In the meeting, he discussed and reviewed human rights in India and highlighted the need to overcome terrorism. 

“Terrorism continues to be the gravest threat to humankind,” he added. The most fundamental human right is the Right to Life. India has always played an active role in global promotion and protection of human rights,” he added. Jaishankar highlighted the need to come and work together to overcome terrorism. He stated that multilateral institutions and mechanisms need to be reformed to deal with challenges effectively.

Addressing the UN Council, he highlighted India’s significant role in promoting global protection of Human rights. He spoke about the Constitution of India which has enshrined basic human rights. “Our Constitution has ensured civilian and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights. This has been continued to evolve through Legislation by Parliament, and the active participation of citizens,” he added. 

In the meeting, EAM further mentioned that the approach to UN Council has been guided through the spirit of engagement of the country. He emphasized the importance of both the promotion and protection of Human Rights. “This can be achieved through dialogue, consultation, and cooperation among member states,” he added. He also assured to remain committed to the working of the fellow members. 

Pointing out to India’s COVID-19 vaccine outreach at UNHRC, EAM Jaishankar said, “India has pledged its vaccine manufacturing capacity to make vaccines accessible and affordable to all. From Bangladesh to Brazil and from Morocco to Fiji, the pharmacy of the world is today supplying millions of vaccine doses to more than 70 countries.”


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