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Today, in a rally in north of Kabul more than 1,500 Taliban supporters participated. The crowd comprising men and boys, heard speeches by leading Taliban officials and commanders at Kohdaman township in the hilly outskirts of the capital. This turned out to be the first rally ever since the Islamist group seized control of the country.

The crowd was seen sitting in rows of chairs. As the event commenced, more supporters arrived, leaving several hundred sitting to watch from chairs in the midday sun. Mawlawi Muslim Haqqani, the deputy minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, lauded the Islamist hardliners’ takeover, saying Christians and Westerners had been defeated.

Sources revealed that a speaker from the nearby Mir Bacha Kot, said the Taliban’s victory was the result of those youths who stood in queues to register for suicide attacks. Reportedly, a procession of fighters carrying flags and weapons, including rocket launchers, paraded around the crowd. A few of them also chanted pro-Taliban slogans as they drove down the dusty road on pick-up trucks to the site.