Regarding a news report which claims that under the agreement of contract farming, a Delhi-based company has refused to buy paddy from Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh farmers, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi posted a tweet today and mentioned that such matters are the reason for the ongoing farmer protest in Delhi. Gandhi tweeted, “Farmers of India are agitating against the anti-agricultural laws to avoid such a tragedy. In this satyagraha, all of us will give to support our annadatas.”

However, recently PM Modi in a virtual meet explained how the contract farming will benefit farmers while addressing the farmers of Madhya Pradesh. The PM also stated that under the new agri reforms, the farmers can talk to the administration or the government if the contract rules are not kept as the contracts will not be on the land, it will be only on the produce. As per PM Modi, the new reforms will also empower the farmers to opt-out of contracts at any time they want.

On the other hand, the report Gandhi shared claimed that there was no sign or seal of the company in the contract. On 25th December, the ongoing farmers’ protest in Delhi will complete a month. Also on that day, the PM will release Rs 18,000 crore aid for farmers.

Today, with other Congress MPs, Rahul Gandhi will lead a protest march from Vijay Chowk to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Also, a letter containing two crore signatures will be submitted by them to the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind.

Meanwhile, as the farmers’ protest entered the 29th day, today, the protesting farmers at Delhi borders are demanding an immediate repeal of the three farm reforms but still, they do not have any solution at sight.

Although the Centre has invited the farmers for further talks as nothing happened after the fifth round of talks but as the farmers did not agree with the agriculture minister’s proposals, they didn’t fix any date and demanded a higher MSPs from the ministry.


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