• Following his ban on Twitter and Facebook, Trump blamed big tech companies for diving the country.
  • He warns the companies of committing terrible mistakes since counter moves could harm them.
  • Concerned about the pro-Trump movement Apple, Google and Amazon suspended a pro-Trump application.
  • Trump enraged by his suspension said he will not be silent and will announce something bigger.

The biggest social media platform Twitter and Facebook banned Trump following the pro-Trump attack on the Capitol. On that note, Trump on Tuesday blamed the big tech companies for dividing the country. Trump stated, ” I think that Big Tech is doing a horrible thing for our country and to our country, and I believe it’s going to be a catastrophic mistake for them. They are dividing and divisive.”

Trump originally thinks the actions of the big techs to be a terrible mistake, since there are going to be counteractions, yet he did not mention any specified means. The big techs, like Twitter, Facebook, Alphabet Inc-owned Google, Apple Inc, and Amazon.com banned Trump last week and took the strongest decision in their history.

This action was taken following Trump’s continuous post stemming violence after the pro-Trump mob attacked Capitol on January 7. The pro-Trump application Parler was also brought down by Apple, Google, and Amazon from their app stores and web-hosting services.

These moves agitated Trump, who stated that he will not be silenced and announce something bigger soon. Trump earlier had also involved in a clash with big tech regarding the protection they enjoy under Section 230, the Democrat President wanted the law revoked, but fewer congress support did not support his desire. Trump even went to an extent of putting a veto over a $740 billion defense bill because it did not include the overturn of Sector 230, the veto was overruled by Congress.


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