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The president’s eldest son and campaign surrogate, Donald Trump Jr.’s account got temporarily suspended after posting ‘misleading and potentially harmful’ video about the suppression of antimalarial hydroxychloroquine and other Covid-19 claims. Twitter called this suspension as ‘temporary blackout’.  Reportedly his account will be suspended for 12 hours, during which he will be unable to post any new tweets, or like them or retweet anyone’s messages.

His tweet will be lockout until his tweet containing the video adopting the deceptive Covid-19 claims are deleted. A GOP strategist and spokesperson of Trump Jr., Aura Surabian stated that the action is “further resistant that Big Tech is determined on killing free expression online” and “engage in the open election interference”. The video that triggered the temporary suspension played the effectiveness of masks and home quarantine orders and stated that the virus can be cured by hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax.

Even President Trump himself shared the video, which was later deleted. The video he tweeted was published by Breitbart News, which gathered more than 14 million views on Facebook, which was soon taken down. On the other hand, multiple studies done by the Centres for Disease Control stated that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective at treating the virus. The decision came after many misinformation between Twitter and the president, where they suspended more than 7,000 accounts on this behalf. 


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