• Afghanistan witnessed separate roadside bombing accidents, killed three including children, and wounded 20.
  • The police spokesperson of Kabul informed that the bomb targeted the police van and killed the driver along with a nearby child.
  • A second blast took place in southern Helmand province within a crowded marketplace.
  • No terrorist groups accepted the charge for any of the bombing incidents.

Afghanistan witnessed two separate roadside bombing incidents on February 21. Three civilians including children were killed in the incidents and twenty others were grievously injured also including the children.

The first bombing took place over a police van that killed the van driver and a child nearby and wounded five other civilians. The spokesperson of Police for Kabul, Ferdaws Faramarz informed that the bomb was targeted at the police. The second blast took place at a crowded market in Southern Helmand province killed took the life of a civilian and wounded fifteen people including children. Following the bombing, a probe has started by Afghanistan Police but no group has yet claimed the responsibility for the bombings.


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