Today, Alex Ellis, the British High Commissioner to India, stated that the UK carried out a discussion with Dr. RS Sharma, the CEO of the National Health Authority and during the discussion, no technical concerns related to the certification process were raised by India or the UK.

The meeting hints towards the recognition of Covishield certificates issued by India in the UK as neither side expressed technical concerns, which will be beneficial for the Indian travelers visiting the UK, as they will no longer be required to quarantine if they have a vaccine certificate issued by the Indian authorities.

The United Kingdom has recognized the Covishield jabs, however, the vaccine certificates issued by India are still not recognized by the UK. Earlier, a UK government spokesperson stated that it is necessary for vaccine certificates issued by other countries to meet the minimum criteria taking into account public health and wider considerations.

Several reports indicate that since the Covishield vaccine is a formulation of Oxford and AstraZeneca’s vaccine, the UK does not have any issue with the vaccine, but it has an issue with the certification.

Chairperson of India’s national technical advisory group on immunization, DR NK Arora said, “I don’t think they are talking about anything, pointing fingers at the certificate.” Dr. Arora added that they are talking beyond the certificates, they are talking about the whole process because everyone in India knows it is one of the best ways to provide certificates.

Furthermore, Dr. Arora stated that the Covishield vaccine, which was manufactured by India’s Serum Institute, was administered to UK citizens after it was exported.

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