• Joe Biden vowed to supercharge the battle against the coronavirus with a donation of 500 million Pfizer
  • Boris Johnson said Britain would give at least 100 million surplus vaccines to the poorest nations
  • EU members have agreed to donate at least 100 million doses by the end of 2021
  • US also faces criticism for sitting on huge stocks of unused vaccines

On Thursday, Britain informed that the G7 leaders would agree to expand worldwide Covid-19 vaccine production to give at least one billion doses to the world through sharing and financing schemes.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects the G7 countries to donate one billion vaccine shots to poorer or lower-middle-income countries. In this way, they will help inoculate the world by the end of next year.

The announcement came in after US President Joe Biden decided to donate 500 million Pfizer vaccine to 92 developing countries. After his announcement, Boris Johnson also said that Britain would give at least 100 million surplus vaccines to the poorest nations.

Johnson has already called on G7 leaders to inoculate the entire world by the end of 2022. The group is expected to pledge for billion doses during its three-day summit in the English seaside resort of Carbis Bay.

Some campaign groups criticized the plan, with Oxfam estimating that nearly 4 billion people will depend on COVAX for vaccines. COVAX is the programme that distributes COVID-19 shots to low and middle-income countries. It is led by World Health Organization (WHO).

Out of 100 million British vaccines, 80 million will go to the COVAX programme, and the rest will be shared bilaterally with countries in need. Meanwhile, the EU members have decided to donate around 100 million jabs by the end of 2021. France and Germany will be committed to providing 30 million doses each.

According to the reports, over 100 million people in the 27-nation European Union, or 22.6 percent of its population, have been fully vaccinated.

The United States has also faced condemnation for keeping unused vaccines in stocks. The White House said the doses would start shipping in August.


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