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The UN General Assembly president Volkan Bozkir has criticized the Security Council claiming that it has supposedly failed to respond to the world’s biggest challenges due to ‘competing interests’. Since a long time the body has been criticised which has not been reformed.

On reforming the boy the Turkish diplomat stated that the body has a lot of times failed to carry out its responsibility to maintain international peace and security. He further added that the members’ competing interests and frequent usage of veto have restricted the effectiveness of the Security Council.

It was also noted that the body didn’t provide any timely and adequate response to any urgent humanitarian crisis. Also, Emmanuel Macron earlier had called for maintenance of mechanisms of international cooperation. He added that the UN Security Council is out of ‘useful solutions’. Since the pandemic, the council has held several meetings devoted to the precautions and prevention.

The United States and China took more than 3 months to overcome the friction aiming for more international cooperation. It further aimed to support a ceasefire in war-torn countries to help fight the disease by the secretary-general. The right to veto, the privilege of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council and enlarging the forum including its regional balance was debated on reform by the 193 UN members


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