On Tuesday the UN Counter Chief of terrorism Vladimir Voronkov conducted a meeting. In the meeting, he expressed his concern over the increasing terrorism across the globe. “Terrorist activity has shown that we must remain extremely vigilant: the threat remains real and even direct for many States”, said Vladimir Voronkov.

The Security Council convened the ministerial-level meeting to review global cooperation in combatting terrorism in the 20 years since members unanimously adopted a resolution following the September 11 attacks against the United States. Resolution 1373 called for criminalizing terrorism financing, and for greater information sharing by States, among other measures.

The Council also established a Counter-Terrorism Committee to monitor its implementation. Michèle Coninsx, Executive Director of a special political mission that assists the Committee, known as CTED, highlighted how the terrorist threat has evolved during this period.

In the meeting, Vladimir warned that that the pandemic has increased terrorist activity across the world. He mentioned that the terrorists have taken advantage to exploit disruptions arising from COVID-19. “They have sought to benefit from the setbacks to the development and human rights agendas, riding on the wavetops of polarization and hate speech amplified by the pandemic,” he added.

The officials informed that the ISIL affiliates have sprung up in other parts of the world, including in parts of Asia and Africa, and other challenges have emerged. “The proliferation of extreme right-wing, or racially and ethnically motivated, terrorism is also a cause of increasing concern”, said Ms. Coninsx.

Lastly, Voronkov highlighted the need for better engagement with civil society, and youth to counter-terrorism. He is the UN Under-Secretary-General for Counter-Terrorism.

The UN members called for boosting international cooperation against terrorism, and for renewed commitment to address underlying factors that drive its spread. He also underlined the role of the Security Council in ensuring global unity against this persistent threat.


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