US Ambassador, Marcia Bernicat launched the US-Bangladesh Business Council virtually on April 6, 2021. Honoring the legacy of the ties between the two countries since Bangladesh’s independence, she said that the US Govt is committed to strengthening their relationship as they tackle issues like the Rohingya humanitarian crisis and Climate Change.

Highlighting the efforts of the US President in tackling Climate Change, she stated that the crisis is at the center of their foreign policy and a Bangladesh-US alliance would provide the world with a partner dedicated to eradicating the crisis. 

She highlighted Bangladesh’s role in making a significant contribution towards mitigating the crisis. Being the president of the Climate Vulnerable Forum and the Vulnerable Twenty Group of Finance Ministers, she talked about the irreplaceable contributions it can make toward a successful COP26. 

She emphasized the need for Bangladesh as a climate-vulnerable country to adopt climatic resilience given their increasingly ambitious goals. She emphasized how the U.S. Companies are capable enough to deliver the solutions required to steer their economy towards sustainability. 

She applauded Bangladesh’s effort towards constantly utilizing its resources in establishing a world-class textile industry. Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of ready-made garments in the world and has provided its women with transformational educational and economic opportunities through this.

She highlighted Bangladesh’s effort in playing a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing more diverse and secure global supply chains, exporting valuable PPE to the United States.

Expressing her hope towards a brighter future, she said that the U.S. and Bangladeshi companies will definitely partner in such fields as renewable energy and digital services to continue Bangladesh’s economic ascent and that the path of freedom laid by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman will continue to motivate them.


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