The US Food and Drug Administration is likely to approve the Covid-19 vaccine of Pfizer for adolescents from age 12 to 15 years most probably by the next week, said a federal official and a person related to the process. They are expected to set up vaccine doses for many before the starting of the next school year.

Just a month ago, the vaccine company found out that the vaccine which is already approved for 16-year-olds and above also gave protection to the younger age group of people. The federal official informed that by early next week or maybe even earlier, the vaccine company was likely to extend its emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine with the FDA’s approval.

A meeting of a federal vaccine advisory committee will conduct the activities of the FDA. The meeting will be held to discuss the matter of adolescents’ vaccination. After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adopts the recommendation of the committee, the vaccines could begin, which won’t take many days.

In late March, Pfizer released initial results from a vaccine study of 2,260 US volunteers aged between 12 to 15, where it showed that there were no cases of Covid-19 among completely vaccinated adolescents compared with 18 years olds.

However, the company stated that the kids had side effects similar to young adults. The main side effects included fever, pain, fatigue, and chills, mainly after the second dose. For more information about safety and long-term protection, the study will continue to track the volunteers for at least 2 years.

Apart from Pfizer, Moderna’s vaccine results are also expected by the middle of this year from a US study in 12- to 17-year-olds.

In the US, almost 131 million Pfizer’s vaccine doses have already been administered, where in recent weeks, vaccine demands among adults have dramatically slowed. By the end of July, the U.S. has ordered at least 300 million Pfizer vaccine shots which is enough to provide protection to 150 million people.


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