Image Courtesy: Facebook

On Thursday, President Biden chaired a virtual meet of Climate summit with 40 government heads. He stated that the US administration aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 50% by 2030 to meet the climate crisis.

The President promises to meet the new targets with the strong unity of all the nations. He stated that he hopes to make the progress necessary during this critical year and over this decisive decade.

Mr. Biden also focused on the ways he believes that are available in greening the U.S. economy including an opportunity to create sustainable jobs to promote not only greater growth.

But also greater equity and also provide sustainability, reliability, affordability for an accessible energy to more people, as it is crucial to every aspect of human development. Thus, US roots for every country, every business, every community around the world to succeed in this effort, he said.

The US President directed the nations to acknowledge and address the consequences faced by marginalized communities during this crisis, that is an impact of climate change which hits the spread of disease, food insecurity, mass migration, and conflict.

He stated “We want to work with you to save our planet, and we’re all committed to finding every possible avenue of cooperation on climate.”

As a note of motivation, Mr. Biden said that the unity among the nation can turn the crisis into an opportunity to improve the society and deliver for people worldwide that will act as the foundation for cooperation on other shared challenges. He appealed the governments not to ignore this issue as it will be passed on to the children and grandchildren.