On Friday, a senior official said that the Quad leaders hope for an opportunity in an intimate setting to sit down and discuss issues of mutual interest and concern.

During the Quad gathering, new collaborations in several areas such as Covid-19 vaccine, space, 5G are likely to be announced soon by the leaders as the challenges posed in the Indo-Pacific region, and by climate change, and Covid-19 pandemic have been increasing drastically. The first-ever in-person meeting of the Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) will take place at the White House on 24 September.

A White House official said that even though they have several working groups and are increasing their cooperation on a daily basis, the Quad gathering is not a regional security organization. The official said that they will talk about the issues related to the challenges confronting the Indo-Pacific region.

The official also said that US President, Joe Biden, really wants to be able to sit down and have a deeper conversation with all Quad leaders in an environment where they can really share their point of view on what is important to them as they go forward because President Biden believes that often these kinds of discussions are scripted.

Furthermore, the official added that the administration under the leadership of Joe Biden understands the challenges posed in the 21st century and added that they are doubling down on their efforts. The official said that the gathering is a part of a larger fabric of engagement that they will see.


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