• PRC is held responsible by the US and other countries for incautious cyber usage
  • The chances of hacking of million dollars companies and extortion of payments
  • The State Department is dedicated to encouraging all countries that will see more stability in cyberspace

Responding to the PRC’s Destabilizing and Irresponsible Behavior in Cyberspace, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said that the US and other nations are making the People’s Republic of China (PRC) responsible for its pattern of reckless, disruptive, and destabilizing behavior in cyberspace, which represents a great deal of danger to the economy and national security.

The Ministry of State Security (MSS) of the People’s Republic of China has created an ecosystem of criminal contract hackers that engage in both state-sponsored and commercial cybercrime.

Furthermore, the US government has officially affirmed that cyber actors associated with the MSS which exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server in a gigantic cyber-espionage operation will randomly compromise thousands of computers and networks. The majority of which belonged to private sector victims.

The United States will hold PRC hostile and cyber actors accountable for their reckless actions in cyberspace. This is shown by the Department of Justice’s today unsealing indictment of three MSS officials and one of their contract hackers.

Apart from the PRC’s explicit promises not to participate in cyber-enabled intellectual property theft for commercial benefit, the international community has established clear standards and rules for what defines responsible cyber activity.

While the MSS had them on its payroll, these contract hackers cost governments and companies billions of dollars in stolen property rights, extortion payments, and cybersecurity mitigation efforts.

The US is now collaborating with partners and allies to promote responsible state behavior in cyberspace, combat cybercrime, and combat digital authoritarianism.

Assistance is given to the countries that want to improve their ability to secure their digital networks, investigate and prosecute harmful cyber actors, and engage in international discussions about cyber policy. These initiatives will improve cyberspace security and stability globally.


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