On Wednesday, PM Narendra Modi met US Special Presidential Envoy Mr. John Kerry in discussion with India’s Climate Action. Mr. Kerry assured that the US would support India to facilitate its Climate plan by providing affordable access to green technologies and requisite finance. On this, Shri Narendra Modi asserted that this cooperation between US and India particularly on financing innovation and accessing green technologies would have a positive demonstration effect on other countries.

The PM received greetings from President Biden via Mr. Kerry. The Prime Minister conveyed his best wishes to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. He recollected his recent interactions with President Biden during the Quad Leaders’ Summit.

The US Special Presidential Envoy briefed the Prime Minister about his fruitful and productive discussions about India’s Climatic Actions over the last two days in India. He spoke about his ambitious renewable energy plans regarding India’s Climate Actions. The Prime Minister was briefed about the upcoming Leaders’ Summit on Climate that is scheduled on 22-23 April 2021.  

PM Modi in his tweet said that he had an excellent discussion with US Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry on Climate. His passion and commitment to expedite climate action are commendable. The Prime Minister mentions that under the Paris Agreement, India is committed to meet its nationally determined contributions along with few other countries.


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