• First 200 million doses will be distributed this year
  • The doses will be distributed by COVAX, a World Health Organization-backed initiative
  • Pfizer is selling the doses to the United States at a “not-for-profit” price

The United States will be purchasing 500 million doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines to donate to the world. In addition, the United States has increased its efforts to help inoculate more of the global population.

The first 200 million doses will be administered this year. On the other hand, it will distribute the subsequent 300 million in the first half of next year. The World Health Organization-backed initiative, COVAX, will distribute the vaccine shots. The top priority to distribute the jabs will be the low- and middle-income countries.

According to the officials, Pfizer is selling the doses to the US at a “not-for-profit” price, though this statement has not yet been in public. US President Joe Biden is yet to announce the plan this week at the Group of Seven meetings in Britain. At this summit, Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, will also join him.

Many public health experts and advocacy groups have lauded the news of the White House’s work with Pfizer. The Biden administration had previously announced that it would share at least 80 million vaccine doses with the world by the end of June.

Last week, the White House elaborated on how it would allocate 25 million doses, with about 19 million of them shared with COVAX. In addition, the US would share around 6 million jabs directly with countries experiencing deadly coronavirus outbreaks, including India.


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