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Recently, China disbarred elected legislators in Hong Kong. Regarding China’s imposition of new rules, the Foreign Ministers of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States restated their serious concern. All the countries ask China to stop undermining rights of Hong Kong people to elect their spokesperson and obliged with the Joint Declaration and Basic Law.

Decisions like delaying of September’s Legislative Council elections, inflicting the National Security Law sabotages Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, freedoms and rights. This action of China states that they are violating the UN-registered Sino-British Joint Declaration which is legally unbreakable. It infringes both China’s loyalty towards Hong Kong’s right to freedom of speech and a high degree of autonomy.

It is a part of a joint campaign to stop the voices of critics with the rescheduling of the September’s Legislative Council elections and press charges against many elected legislators, and intervene in Hong Kong’s freedom of media. For Hong Kong’s strength and success, it is needed that both China and Hong Kong’s government respect each other and let the people of Hong Kong express their legal thoughts and opinions.

As a major member of the international community, China should oblige their duty towards the people of Hong Kong. The countries urge China’s central authorities to put back the Legislative Council members as soon as possible and to take action regarding Hong Kong’s elected legislative.


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