Varun Sood has replied to some trolls on Twitter, who felt that Pratik Sehajpal could have won Bigg Boss OTT, instead of his girlfriend Divya Aggarwal. Pratik chose to opt out of the race to win, instead, he took the cash and a direct entry to Bigg Boss 15. Varun called the trolls toxic who accused him of using Pratik’s name and whining about it.

One of Pratik’s fans replied to Varun’s tweet, “Kab tak Pratik ka naam leke rote rahega (How long will you keep using Pratik’s name and crying). VIEWERS CHOICE PRATIK.” Varun wrote back, “Bro understand. He never affected my life and never will. I wish him all the best in life. You guys are just pure toxic.”

Varun wrote in a tweet that Pratik could have won but did not win Bigg Boss OTT. In the same way, he did not come 2nd in Ace of Space but 3rd and could have come 2nd if people voted. He asked the trolls to accept the result and move on. He said that Bigg Boss is not the end of life. Real-life starts outside it.

Pratik, Divya and Varun had participated together in a show called Ace of Space, Divya won the competition with Pratik and Varun as the runner-up and the second runner-up consecutively.

Even Divya spoke about Pratik’s fans who undermined Bigg Boss OTT’s authenticity and said that Bigg Boss 15 is the real deal. She said “This is a very negative way of demeaning a show where Pratik equally puts in those efforts. How can a fandom nullify the entire efforts of your favorite contestant? If it was a big deal, then he should have come there. This big deal has given you an opportunity to go there.”

It was also revealed by Varun in an interview that Divya was approached to be a part of Bigg Boss 15 but she turned it down. He defended her decision and asked why she would compete with the contestants whom she already defeated.

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