Vijaya Dashmi or Dushehra has come finally to bid a goodbye to 2020’s Durga Puja or Navaratri and once the time has arrived for seeking blessings, greetings along with sharing plates of sweets. Unlike every year, 2020 festivities are experiencing a stretch of differences with some common earlier effects.

Through the length and breadth of the country, everyone is living in the sects of severe apprehension and panic that festivities would bring a sheer wave of COVID-19 cases. Although, no fear and fright have able to reduce the zeal for the festival that stays from older to younger heads.

As per the mythological sync, Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of Durga Puja on the Ashwin or Kartik month and this year it takes place in the Hindu month of Kartik. Taking the literal meaning of Vijayadashmi, Vijaya means Victory and Dashami mean tenth. This is considered as ‘the victory of good over evil’ remembering goddess Durga’s triumph over Mahishasura to restore and secure dharma.

The 10 day-long festivals are celebrated differently in different places in India. In Bengal, on Vijayadashmi, Durga idols are walked into rivers and immerse them in water, which is called Visarjan. It is said that Durga Maa goes back to Kailash with her children to Lord Shiva on this day.

Married ladies play with Sindur (Sindur Khela) before sending Durga Ma back or Visarjan. This tradition is very rich in color and culture. Although there is no fixed origin of the tradition, it is believed that around 200 to 400 years old, which was started in zamindar houses. Sindur Khela is one of the most important and interesting rituals of Vijayadashmi.

In other parts of India, Dashahara is observed in remembering the honor of Lord Rama by burning the huge structures of Ravana, Kumbhkarana, and Meghnata with firecrackers. Interestingly, UNESCO in 2008 has termed Dussehra as the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’.

Whatever form of celebration it may be associated with Viayadashami or Dashahara but the motive behind the celebration is attached to a common point and that is ‘Triumph Over Vice’. In every time stance, demons have come in different forms to wither away the beautiful phases of the mother planet and her inhabitants, and every single time, there is an advent of holy power that not only ends the demonic potent but also leaves a never-ending lesson behind the instance.

2020 pandemic is one such stance that has taken a demonic structure, killing millions along with destructing many sects of human lives. But at the same time, the world is observing an amazing collaboration and solidarity among the countries and people that have never seen it earlier. This is a new essence of Vijayadashami or Dushehra where COVID-19 is a demon and people’s unity is that goodness which will have to win over the vice.

At last, it can be hoped with wholehearted blessings and salutation that the new era Mahishasura i.e. COVID-19 will soon be leaving the phase of this globe with the constant efforts of our scientists, doctors, and others by coining necessary vaccine and medicines that will proliferate good omen and the propitious outcome so that the next year festivities would only be celebrated with happiness, positivity, enthusiasm, keenness and cheerfulness and not with fear of loss.


  1. Excellent, excellent and truly excellent coverage on Vijaya Dashami and Dushera. The linkage of the festival of 2020 with COVID-19 pandemic is Mindblowing and Fantastic.

  2. Bahut achha likha apne apke ander maata saraswati ka awash hai apne itna achha likha hai ki ap khud devi ka rup ho salam karta hu apko


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