Kanpur: Reportedly, Police have arrested an accomplice of Vikas Dubey who has been identified as Daya Shankar Agnihotri. As per the record, he is an infamous history-sheeter in Uttar Pradesh, whose attempted arrest led to the death of 8 police personnel in Kanpur. Daya Shankar Agnihotri revealed to the police that  Vikas has received a phone call before the encounter and someone has informed him that police came to arrest him. He became very alert and called 25-30 criminals. A complete plan was made to face the police and was stationed on the rooftop from where they start firing on police personnel.

“I was locked inside the house at the time of encounter, therefore, saw nothing,” said Agnihotri. After detaining, Police said that Daya Shankar Agnihotri carried a reward of 25,000 on his heard. Police inform that Agnihotri was arrested after he sustained a bullet injury in the encounter. Police circulated the photo of Vikas Dubey in Uttar Pradesh.

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