On Tuesday, Pratik Gandhi, an Indian actor who received overnight popularity for playing the lead role in the series ‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’, talked about the struggles that he experienced before the show gained success.

During an interview, the actor revealed that he has experienced everything whether it’s financial trouble, financial crisis, or medical trouble. Pratik added that somehow, he never experienced a moment of breakdown or self-doubt. He stated that he is the kind of person who tends to think about the solutions the moment they encounter a problem, that is how his mind is trained.

Pratik also said that he believes everyone goes through this. He added that there were certain medical emergencies at his house like his wife’s brain tumor operation, his father’s cancer, and his father’s death in 2018. Actor Pratik talked about his experience of living in Mumbai, and said that buying a house is a big deal in Mumbai, despite living in Mumbai for a decade, his whole family was homeless at one point.

Furthermore, the scam 1992 actor said, “You struggle at that time, you manoeuver yourself, your emotions, and the whole family.” He added that when someone has a full-fledged family and they decide to quit their stable job and get into acting, that is another struggle. The actor said that a lot of things happened ‘one after the other’ but he feels that he is blessed to have done what he did.

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