Will BJP Gain Seats In West Bengal Assembly election 2021?


Priti Singh: After so many scrambles that BJP encounter in West Bengal. Does it possible for BJP to capture the seats in the 2021 election? The winning process is running in full assurance from the BJP side but to what extent it is interesting to notice in the result. The protest in favor of CAA and NRC can bring back BJP in Kolkata democracy eye or citizenship act will be the reason behind the loss. As recently BJP failed in the New Delhi election on that note BJP needs to revolutionize the strategy to be at the forefront. The campaign is the biggest factor during the elections.

The Modi government might have come with massive outgrowth like Ram Mandir, revoke of 370, triple talaq. But whenever it comes to state election why BJP failed most of the time. Does the message for the state is not clear or due to the lack of communication? It looks like after the amendment bill it’s become more difficult for BJP to survive in the Bengal election.

Previously, the heated argument between TMC and BJP is running all over the Bengal on the issue of NRC and CAA. So, how will BJP take a stand in the Bengal democracy eye? Earlier, many times BJP has alleged that TMC has been brutally persecuted BJP karyakarta (workers) in most of the Bengal districts. On the other hand, TMC always denied the allegation made by BJP. Recently, during the inauguration of Metro Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was not invited afterward no statements have come from both political leaders. Will it cost or affect BJP in front of Bengal democracy?

 The focal points for BJP to look upon are:-

Strong face for Chief Minister: When you have an opposition leader like Mamata Banerjee, to fight against in a battleground you need a strong face to rule the same battlefield. After losing Delhi election the pressure on BJP Bengal turns double. The BJP needs to learn from their mistake that what turns or went wrong in the Delhi election that should not be repeated in the Bengal election.

Interaction with the public: BJP needs to interact with the public to any extent that will help to expand the campaign of BJP. Have a strong agenda and subject on which subject you will have interacted with the people.

Door to Door Campaign NRC and CAA:- it is very crucial in the section for BJP. Door to door campaign over NRC and CAA help BJP to be in front of public eyes.


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