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The Balurgat lawmaker, Sukanta Majumdar who has been appointed as the new Bharatiya Janata Party President of the West Bengal unit has promised to live up to the expectations of the high command. Expressing his thanks to the central leadership, he said he was grateful as BJP appointed an ordinary worker like him. “This can be possible only in the BJP. No other political party can take such a step,” he added.

Addressing the media, Majumdar mentioned that despite a few differences among the party workers, the members who are in the BJP for ideological reasons will not leave. “There is no difference in ideology. The differences in opinions can be resolved,” he said. Commenting on those who left BJP, Majumdar stated that those members had joined with a motive and since they could not achieve it, they left. “A political party is like a water body. There is inflow and outflow of workers,” he added.

Majumdar’s appointment come months after the BJP lost in the West Bengal assembly elections. Following the defeat, several senior BJP leaders defected to the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC). He is scheduled to visit Delhi on September 26.

Meanwhile, talking to the media, the former BJP President of the West Bengal unit, Dilip Ghost mentioned that the decision was taken considering the future of the party.

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