Today, the Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny announced that he would return to Russia on Sunday from Germany. Presently he is in Germany, recovering after he was poisoned.

On Monday, the Russian prison authorities had sent an official request to a court. They had requested to replace Navalny’s suspended sentence in a years-old case with a real jail term. Taking to his social media account, he said he ended up in Germany as he was under intensive care after being poisoned. “There was never a question for me whether to return or not, never. Just because I didn’t leave. On January 17, Sunday, I will return home on the Pobeda airline flight. Meet me,” he added.

The Russian Federal Penitentiary Service said that by staying in Germany Navalny was violating the terms of his suspended sentence in the so-called Yves Roche case, which Navalny believes is politically motivated.

In a video address posted on his Instagram account, the activist said new criminal cases brought against him in Russia were ‘demonstratively fabricated’, and an attempt to prevent him from coming back to his home country.

The anti-corruption activist is currently in Germany, after receiving treatment at Berlin’s Charite clinic. Navalny was poisoned with the toxin Novichok in August and nearly died. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied any involvement.


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