• The opposition party has greeted the Centre’s decision and jabbed the govt at the same time
  • Chidambaram and Sibal said that the Central govt was not spontaneous in repealing the laws but did so out of fear of UP elections
  • PM Modi while repealing the laws said that a section of farmers remained unaware of the benefits of them

On Friday, Congress vowed the victory of the farmers ahead of the three farm laws being repealed by the Centre. Congress leader Kapil Sibal has greeted the move by the Central Government, hurling lampoons at the Modi administration saying that the upcoming UP elections have inflicted ‘wisdom’ in them.

Rahul Gandhi has tweeted that the Satyagraha of the farmers led to the government’s “arrogance” bowing down before them. P Chidambaram has stated that the Centre was compelled to take its decisions due to fear of elections and it was not spontaneous for them. He has tweeted, “What cannot be achieved by democratic protests can be achieved by the fear of impending elections! PM’s announcement on the withdrawal of the three farm laws is not inspired by a change of policy of heart. It is impelled by fear of elections.”

PM Modi, while stating his decision to repeal the farm laws today said that the benefits of the laws remained discovered by a section of farmers. This forced the government to take such a decision. He has stated, “To make MSP more effective and transparent, a committee will be consulted to make decisions on all such issues, keeping in view the future. The committee will have representatives from central government, state governments, farmers, agricultural scientists, agricultural economists.”


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