• The annual celebration of children’s day on November 20, 2020, is to observe the welfare of children around the world.
  • The day is for the children to celebrate their rights in the world.

Children are the little bundle of joy in all our lives. No matter how mundane and stressful our lives can be, the chaos that they bring together with them in the world is joyous. Every year, on 20th November, the World celebrates Children’s Day to promote their welfare and acknowledge their rights. Various events and celebrations are organized throughout the world to commemorate this particular day for the children.

The history and importance of the day go back to the 1920s-1930s in Geneva Conference, it was decided to commemorate International Children’s Day on June 1. But that day overlapped with International Day for Protection of Children by the Women’s Congress in France. Since then November 20 has been recognized as World Children’s Day.

From that very day, it promotes the awareness of improving children`s health around the globe and provides them with basic education. On 1959 November 20 the UN General Assembly also adopted the Declaration of the Rights to Children. On the very same day in the year 1989, the United Nations General Assembly sanctioned the Convention on the Rights of the Children. On this particular day, the parents, teachers, friends, and all other significant parts of the society can make the day even joyous for them. We all can pledge to create a world safer for them with better availability of nutrition and basic education. 

This year has been a different one for everyone, and especially the children have suffered a lot. From education to basic rights 2020 has deprived them of all. Even the economic breakdown at the early stage of the pandemic has affected their nutritional need. So this year, the celebration will be done keeping in mind the norm of social distancing, parents will spend quality time with their children inside the home, and every member of the society will work to promote child rights and safety. 

So on this day, let’s promise that children around the world will get the necessary means for normal development, food when they are hungry, proper treatment when they are sick, and shelter for the orphan. Let`s put more stress on the norm of providing relief first to the children in the time of distress, a position from where they can earn their livelihood exploitation free and a sense of consciousness to master their talents.


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