World Osteoporosis Day: A Day To Care For Bones And Prevent Its Brittleness


Today, i.e. October 20th has been celebrated as the ‘World Osteoporosis Day’ since 1996, which was initiated by the United Kingdom’s National Osteoporosis Society that was backed-up by the European Commission. After two years, i.e. in 1998 and 1999, the World Health Organization joined the initiative and co-sponsored the world osteoporosis day.

To spread the awareness of this not so popular disease but a prevalent one that snatches the peace of millions of women majorly, the various bodies coined different themes every year that signify several facets of osteoporosis. The prime motto is to spread a message of basic caring of bones that would save the major reason for the syndrome.

Describing Osteoporosis, the WHO says that it is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle where the body constantly absorb and replace bone tissues. Every year, over 10 million cases are registered across the globe. Generally, women face this problem after attaining the age of 35 or after menopause.

So far, the disease cannot be cured completely but treatments are surely there which can lessen the pains and problems. However, due to the morbid outcomes of osteoporosis like a hip fracture, osteoporotic fracture, etc, it is necessary to prevent and proper maintenance of health, quality of life and freedom in elderly people.

Osteoporosis is a life-long disease with which the patients have to live, requiring medical diagnosis. Researchers have worked on various supplements and diet modifications and said that a healthy diet and physical exercises can sort out the problem. The extensions work to keep the bones stronger that would not enhance the brittleness.

It is almost unknown that with an aging population and longer life duration, Osteoporosis is alarming becoming a worldwide epidemic. Presently, about 200 million people are carrying the various effects of the disease. Current studies depict that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men experience the hardships of it, which includes fractures.

It is recommended that proper diets with calcium intakes and Vitamin-D is good to maintain the calcium serum level. Although, Calcium tablets are adequately available but certainly not better than calcium preparations in the form of food, which is better absorbed by the body. Vit-D is vital for calcium absorption and thus, is advised to take together.

Not only Osteoporotic fractures create a health misbalance but also it greatly destabilizes the financial track. But it can be avoided with early diagnosis and timely maintenance by assessing bone mineral density (BMD). Thus, a high level of awareness programs is being made globally to transmit the important and stress aspects of the disease that will facilitate the increased awareness among the normal population as well as would be an effective tool in mitigating another epidemic.

In the existing pandemic hour, it seems that the entire world has completely become isolated with only deadly COVID-19 and its dreadful consequences. The existence of several other diseases has taken a back seat with a focus on a single outbreak. But the reality is that humankind is still under the clutches of diseases that have yet not been answered properly.


  1. Quite informative article. Many many thanks to the whole team of Global Tribune, particularly Ms. Arpita for highlighting some most important aspects about the disease.


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