• As per the data of CSSE, the US turns out to be the worst-hit nation with 3,07,77,338 COVID-19 cases.
  • Brazil and India occupy the second and third position respectively among the worst-hit nation with COVID-19.
  • Mexico records the third highest mortality rate which stood at 2,04,147 fatalities.

The Johns Hopkins University outlined that the aggregate worldwide COVID-19 caseload has surpassed the 131.6 million benchmark, whereas the death tolls have exceeded 2.85 million. Till today morning, the
University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) highlighted that the present global caseload stood at 13,16,96,594 whereas the death toll at 28,59,357 respectively.

According to the data provided, the US tops the list to be one of the most worst-hit country followed by Brazil. The US recorded the largest number of cases at 3,07,77,338 and deaths at 5,55,403. Meanwhile, Brazil recorded 1,30,13,601 cases and 3,32,752 fatalities. The third position has been captured by India with 28,59,357 cases.

Furthermore, the CSSE data revealed that several other countries have also crossed the benchmark of recording more than 2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. The list included France which recorded 48,93,971 cases, Russia with 45,38,101 cases, the UK with 43,76,629 cases, Italy with 36,78,944 cases, and Turkey with 35,29,601 cases. Other countries with over 2 million COVID-19 cases includes Spain (3,311,325), Germany (2,903,036), Colombia (2,456,409), Poland (2,448,463), Argentina (2,407,159) and Mexico (2,250,458).

Coming to the mortality rate, Mexico ranks third with 2,04,147 fatalities. As per the data, there has been a list provided by the CSSE which has listed countries with a death toll of over 50,000.

The list includes India with 1,65,101 deaths, the UK with 1,27,106 deaths, Italy with 1,11,326 deaths, Russia with 99,049 deaths, France with 97,005 deaths, and Germany with 77,070 deaths. Meanwhile, other nations included in the list are Spain (75,783), Colombia (64,293), Iran (63,332), Argentina (56,471), Poland (55,005), Peru (53,138) and South Africa (52,995).


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