• · The 49-year-old has stressed that his party will be getting a total seat tally of 325-350, which is bigger in number than the count of the last elections held in 2017
  • · The CM believes that the ongoing farmer’s movement is funded by the opposition, and will not have any impact on Western UP
  • · According to analysts, there are chances of BJP having a setback in the areas dominated by the Jat community, as they have been an active part of the movement since last year

Today, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has stated that he is confident about his party BJP winning in the assembly polls scheduled to be held next year. The CM said that his party will be having a seat tally of 325-350, which is bigger compared to its 2017 tally which summed up to 312.

According to sources, the 49-year-old CM has cited the role of his government in terms of law and order and economic development in order to support his claim. “I am totally confident about coming back. I understand the political dynamics of UP very well, as I have been in active state politics for the past 23 years. I am confident about the political understanding and maturity of the UP electorate,” says Adityanath.

He expanded his ministerial cabinet on September 26, housing seven more ministers to the domain, who would be representing every section of the society. CM is quite assertive about the fact that the ongoing farmer’s movement organized under the banner of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), led by Rakesh Tikait, will have no political impact in western UP with regards to the upcoming polls.

Yogi believes that the present agitation led by the farmers is being funded by the opposition parties and has an impact only in the areas dominated by the middlemen or araathiyas. He has stated that farmers in UP are maintaining direct contact with the government in terms of procurement and compensation.

However, analysts are expecting some setbacks for BJP in the areas dominated by the Jat community as they have been immensely active in the protests which are being held from the previous year. In light of BJP’s rapid campaigning for the upcoming elections, the opposition is yet to gain pace.

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