“Young-India”: A New Chapter In Indian Politics


Narendra Modi, after becoming the Prime Minister of India, since 2014 he focused particularly on the two things, one is middle-class people and another is the young generation in India. It is true that if the middle-class people can’t improve their economy then Indian resources will not be generated anymore. In another hand, until the youth generation is becoming the face of India, the entire nation can’t grow in the right way.

Since 70 years or after the freedom, congress never allowed youth people in our Indian politics. But Narendra Modi has changed older to the younger generation in politics. We are also habituated to see the aged leaders in Indian politics for seven decades. Maybe it in Communist Party or maybe in Congress or some other old regional parties also. Now this tradition is changing which is introduced by Modi. A nation never built up without youth, basically, they are the pillars it.

Now, there is the important thing that is Narendra Modi is giving us a new vision which will create a new era of ‘Young India’. But if we look into the Congress party they have the only importance on Gandhi family, that’s why they haven’t any youth face for the nation till now. Where BJP has so many youth icons for Young India.

It is not the first time that some leaders from congress or another party joined BJP but there is different today in the Indian politics that is youth are becoming the face of BJP. That’s why Jyotiraditya Scindia joined BJP at the presence of BJP national president J P Nadda. Now, Scindia will be the member of Rajyasabha soon where another youth can represent him on the behalf of the nation. It is one of the best messages to Indian Youth Politics from Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Modi has that philosophical eyes where he has understood that to build up a strong nation, we need the vision of aged and youth people both. Because youth are the creators of Young-India. He never thought for his party whether he thought about the entire nation how to make the strongest India in this world. So, we have to give the priority to youth, they must have the power and most important youth can’t be neglected.

Now, at my point of view that changing a party is not a big issue. Here the message is that youths are becoming the face of Indian politics. Definitely, it is the new chapter of “Young-India” which will fulfill the dream of Narendra Modi. Now, it is the time to observe where the congress will accept this or they will also give a chance some youth face at the national level. On another side, there is also a chance some leaders can follow new youth icon Jyotiraditya Scindia.

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