• PM Modi congratulates all the graduates for their hardships and all the things they have learned in the college and for the target they have to become a part of nation-building.
  • With 5 new projects inaugurated in PDPU, not only the energy sector of the country but also in the sectors of professional, education skill development and startup ecosystem will be benefited.
  • PM Modi, feels very contented that today PDPU has created a recognizable place for itself, not only in the nation but also internationally.

On the 8th Convocation Ceremony of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi congratulate every graduate and their parents’ good luck. The PM addressed all the students and asked them to move forward with Clean Slate in the 21st Century because the world expects a lot from them.

The Prime Minister wanted every student to aspire big in life and serve their purposes. Like every person, successful people also have problems in their lives, but one may only succeed when they truly can accept the challenges, confront them, and defeat them. Accepting challenges are the initial stage of success. He commemorated the youth of 1922-47 who sacrificed their everything for the freedom of the nation. PM thus, the desire that the students of the 21st century will live for the country and join the Atmanirbhar Bharat Movement to inflict the sense of responsibility within every citizen of the nation.

He also said that he is never a guest in Gujarat so today at this University he is not a chief guest but a member of this enormous family of PDPU. PM also spoke of the time when people used to ask questions about the efficiency of a University of this category, but all the students, faculty members, and graduates of PDPU with their excellent performance have answered all these questions.

Within the last decade, PDPU has outdone itself not only in the petroleum sector but also in the full energy spectrum and all other factors. PM Modi even requested Gujarat Government to make changes if necessary and considering naming the university not only a Petroleum University but an Energy-based University, since ith the upcoming 45-megawatt solar panel manufacturing plant or centre of excellence water technology, the nation will have a greater vision of PDPU. He gave hope to every graduate about scope in Energy Sector, Entrepreneurship since they are stepping into the industry during the pandemic.

The grievous situation that the world has undergone in 2020, has resulted in huge changes in the Energy Sector of the World along with India. The country abilities have outdone the pressure of the crisis. The most important thing today is the sense of responsibility which eventually will lead to a sense of opportunity.


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